Monday, July 07, 2008

Christmas in July: Sock Snowman

I love snowmen. I have several of them that I display during the Winter season. This little guy was very easy to make. Here are the directions.

Take a roll of toilet paper and wrap it in saran wrap. (This is so it is easier to slide.)

Put the toilet paper roll into a white tube sock.

Add a 3 in styrofoam ball on top of the toilet paper roll.

Gather the sock on top of the styrofoam ball and tie off with a piece of fabric.

Use a piece of fabric to tie between the toilet paper roll and the styrofoam ball to make the scarf. I then cut the ends of the fabric to look like the fringe of a scarf.

Then gather some of the remaining sock and make a toboggan hat for your snowman. Tie off the hat with another piece of fabric. Then cut off the remaining sock leaving just a little sticking out from where you tied off the hat.

Add two black glass stick pins for the eyes. Glue on a triangle cut from orange card stock for the nose. Then glue on three buttons of your choosing. I used BDU buttons that I had in my button jar.

I plan to make a snow-woman to go with this little guy. I will create an apron for her and then display them in my kitchen window this winter.


  1. Love this! I will definitely be adding it to my craft list!

  2. LOVE IT! This is a definite do for my christmas. Thanks.


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