Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma

We had the pleasure of celebrating Grandma's 80th birthday over the weekend. She is so funny. I didn't hear the entire conversation so I don't know what lead up to this answer, but this is what Grandma had to say about being 80... "it took a long time to reach eighty."

I love this picture. It represents four generations. Chuck's mom, Megan, Chuck and Grandma.

Grandma is not a woman of many words. She is the kind of woman that when she speaks you need to be listening. She was born in log cabin in Kentucky in 1928 to a farming family. I have heard her talk of waking up in the loft and being covered by snow. Today she told us that when she became a young adult that gas was .12 cents a gallon and postage stamps were .03 cents. Someone commented that cars were inexpensive in her youth. She agreed but said still no one could afford a car.

When we talk about how complicated life is and how much we wish for "the good old days" she always shakes her head and says she does not want to go back in time. She says that although times were simple it was lots of work.

Life has not always been easy for Grandma. She raised seven children, lost her husband when her youngest child was 7 years old and survived open heart surgery six years ago. Although life may not have been easy she is always positive and just keeps moving on.

Happy Birthday Grandma!


  1. I love Grandma stories...I miss mine..she was a great lady.

  2. Grandmas are the best! Mine told the best bedtime stories ever!! She made up every word and no 2 stories were the same and I loved bedtime when she was around. Take all the picture you can and write down all the stories she tels so that you will have them with you to pass down.

  3. Well, Happy Birthday, Grandma! My own mom is 85 and just so full of life. She'd agree with your grandma...the past was nice and simple, but at the same time full of hardships like the Depression. Maybe gas and cars were cheaper...but I wonder how much money your Grandpa made each week?


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