Monday, June 23, 2008

Conserving Staples

When fixing pork chops I prefer my to be Shake 'n Bake. Unfortunately I am the only one in my home who likes them this way. That made for lots of waste. I cringed everytime I made them and threw out all of the unused Shake 'n Bake. Here is my solution.

I am able to spoon out just the right amount for my serving. Not only am saving money by doing this but I also think it makes my pantry more attractive! I added a metal rimmed tag to the jar with the ingredient listed and the oven temperature and bake time on the back. Just in case you are curious I was able to put almost three, two pouch boxes into a quart jar. Perfect, since three boxes is what I recently purchased on sale!

I am working on making my pantry more attractive and will share once it is complete.


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