Monday, May 19, 2008

Time To Bloom

I spent my Saturday working outside. I was able to accomplish one of my favorite task... planting flowers! I thought I would give you a little tour.

The front of our house faces north so the area near the house is fairly shady. I have hostas planted up next to house.

We live in a 1950's ranch so we have high windows in the bedrooms. To spice the windows up Chuck made window boxes. I have planted the boxes on the front of the house with impatients.

I have several peonies planted at the back of the house. They are full of blooms and should flower very soon. I can't wait!

Here is my little helper. She thinks it is neat to water the flowers. Let's hope she still feels that way at the end of the season!

I have two planters of pink petunias hanging off of my back porch. They greet you each time you walk onto the back porch and the bonus is that I can view them from my kitchen window.

Tucked in with my peonies is this little wagon.

I have four identical planters on my back porch. I planted the same thing in each container.

On the west side of the house there are two garage windows. Each window has a window box planted with petunias. Our neighbors are able to eat breakfast and gaze out their kitchen window and see these flowers. They thank us each year for planting them.

In the front landscaping I placed the wishing well planter Chuck made for me. As you step onto the sidewalk it is one of the first things you see.

As you can tell I still have some work to do. I need to touch up paint on the wishing well, the window boxes on the garage and the mailbox is in deperate need of being replaced. We have a new one so I am sure that will be taken care of soon. I will be sure to post later when everything is in full swing. I hope you enjoyed your peek at some of my flower gardens!


  1. Thanks for the tour, Wendi. I like the red windowboxes. I'm excited to buy my first hanging baskets of flowers for our new house!

  2. Things are really looking nice! I like your big flower boxes. We have one tiny flower box on one window and I wish I had more, but then again, I know I would complain to myself when I had to buy more flowers to fill those and water them all of the time! LOL

    I like your helper, too :) Too cute!

  3. I have a question for you. You seem well-versed in gardening, and I am not.

    I have two peony bushes in my front yard. They grow beautifully and have magnificent flowers. Should I remove some of the buds from each branch? They get so crowded and so big. My other question is should I do something to prop them up? The weight of the flowers drag them down, and then if we get rain, they're flattened.

    I just feel like I'm letting my peonys down.

    Your gardens look beautiful!

  4. I am loving all of your beautiful flowers.....Mary

  5. I'm loving the look of your home - so much like spring! Thanks for sharing.


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