Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Puff Pastry

I have been wanting to try puff pastry after seeing it on several cooking shows. I cut stars out using one sheet. (There are two in a box.) I then sprinkled them with a cinnamon sugar mixture.

It was interesting to watch them puff up.

My plan was to use them as "shortcakes" and add strawberries and fresh whipped cream. Well, I forgot to get the whipping cream so instead I served a dip of vanilla ice cream with sliced strawberries and then used the puffed star as a garnish.

Megan thought this was the best! She keep asking for a bite of "cookie" and a "straw-b."

I will be using puff pastry again. I found that it had a flaky pie crust like taste. Next time I will try it as a main course. May fill the sheet with chicken, broccoli and cheese. Have you used puff pastry?


  1. Great idea Wendi! I've never used puffed pastry, but I love Baklava and it is used in making that sweet treat. Maybe some day....The kids would love to help make cut outs I bet....

  2. That looks fantastic!!! I love it!!!


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