Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Paper Mache Boxes

I have been looking for things to decorate our bathroom. I have been scouring websites, magazines and catalogs and have found some ideas. Since I am trying to do this for as little cost as possible I have decided to get crafty!

So far I have completed one project. I bought three stacking paper mache boxes.

This is what I did with them:

I painted the larger one black and then sanded it a little to make it look somewhat distressed. The middle box I decoupaged on some scrapbook paper. I love the handwriting on this paper. I thought it looked like an old letter you might have seen in your grandmothers keepsakes. The top box I painted a color that I pulled out of the fabric I am using. I decided to make it a solid coljor since you could not see much of that box.

I then tied all of the boxes together with a scrap of the curtain fabric and tied on a star. I decided that writing "Simplify" on the star would be perfect since I am always striving to make my life more simple.


  1. Great idea, Wendi. I really like how these turned out!

  2. This is a really sweet project - nice job! I was looking for something fun for the kids to do - and something that can be used for storage too - bonus!!!

  3. Wendi,
    Hi! I saw that someone popped in at my blog from here so I came to check it out. I do that often to see if I can find more blogger friends :)

    Very nice boxes! I love how something so simple can become something so nice with a little paint :) Those are my fav projects !

  4. I really like that. You can never have to many "looks great on the outside but is full of stuff on the inside" organizational tools.


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