Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Clearing Clutter

I don't know about the rest of you but I am always fighting the clutter battle. I have two areas that seem to be my hot spots.

One is the my book and magazine basket that sits beside the love seat. I seem to never have enough time to get through all of my magazines and am always wanting to look through a cookbook or two.

I looked through all of the magazines and clipped the things I wanted for future reference. I got rid of lots of catalogs and only keep the most resent issue of those I love.

Another problem area is the kitchen counter. This is not only my problem. It seems to be the drop off zone for everyone. This picture is mild compared to how it looks sometimes. I have really been trying to keep up on this area.

I clipped my coupons, put my note cards away, put my last craft project in a safe place and filled out a stack of deposit envelopes. I like to have these filled out to save time. It is much more convenient to just have to fill out the amount. I also cleaned the corn so that it is ready to cook.

I don't know about you, but I always feel so much better when things are in order. Now if I can only keep it this way!


  1. The main hot spots in my home are the hutch in the dining room(mail, papers, anything that needs to be moved off the table at mealtime!) and the trunk in our bedroom(for some reason it is easier to set stacks of clothes on it instead of putting them away).

    Great job, Wendi!

  2. That's the hardest thing about cleaning and organizing--it rarely stays that way!

  3. Your post got me going! Istarted with one counter and when it was cleared up and whiped down, it looked so good that I kept going. In about 40 minutes I had the kitchen and dining room picked up and polished. Thank you (DH Thanks you too),

  4. I have the same problem with the basket next too the couch in my den....Hugs....Mary

  5. I have the same problem! The kitchen counter seems to always have papers on it. DS just bring so much home in a day and I don't want to toss it all but I haven't quite figured out where to put it either! LOL


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