Friday, April 25, 2008

Sister's Swap - Bloom

This is the package that I sent to my swap partner Amy.

I hand stamped brown paper and tied the box off with some pretty ribbon.

When Amy opens the box she will be greeted this saying:
"Any friendship blooms if it's tended to with style..."

This is what I included in her box:

2 Flower dishtowels
Magnetic shopping list
Devotional: 31 Days For A Mothers Heart
Note cards in a cute cigar style box that says "Blessings" The cards each have a beautiful picture along with scripture.
Blank note cards that match the shopping list.
Post Its along with a holder. The holder has butterflies on it.
Seeds for a butterfly garden.
Flowerpot picture frame.

I included a saying on each of the "packages." They says things such as: "Always follow your heart." and "Bloom where you are planted."

Sorry I don't have more pictures of the items I sent. I got all excited about getting everything packaged up that at first I forgot to take pictures. Oops!

I haven't received my package yet. Amy is having a difficult pregnancy. Please be sure to stop by and visit Amy. I am sure she could use a kind word and lots of prayer!

You can visit Carrie to take a peek at all of the wonderful swap boxes.

A huge thanks to Carrie and Monica for hosting this swap!


  1. Wendi -

    Thank you for sharing what you sent Amy. Your box turned out great and given the circumstances - I have no doubt that this was a special blessing on her right now!

    I'm so sorry she is having a hard time right now. Hope you have a blessed weekend.


  2. I love how you wrapped everying. Very cute!

  3. Wendi,

    Thanks for sharing your goodies--you really went with the theme!

  4. You put together a lovely package! I'm sure it really cheered Amy up to receive it!

  5. it was a beautifully wrapped swap and I'm sure it cheered her up!

  6. Wow Wendi--
    I love how you wrapped and embellished everything, very very nice!!


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