Thursday, April 10, 2008

HengFeng 11 Celebration

Over the weekend we got together with our adoption group. There were eleven girls adopted from Megan's social welfare institution. Eight of the families were able to attend the celebration.

Our friends that hosted this celebration did a fantastic job! The hit of the day was the jumping area. All of the kids had a great time jumping around.

Wendy went the extra mile to make everything so special. Each of the girls had a cupcake that said "Gotcha" with their name. All that mattered to the girls was that they got a cupcake, but us mom's were a little choked up about it.

This is a photo of the girls taken while in China. (Megan is 2nd from the right on the couch.)

This was taken this past Saturday. (Megan is again 2nd from the right on the couch.)

We had some unhappy ladies as we were trying to take this picture. I am sure you can imagine the fun we had with nine children two and under! We plan to take this photo each year to document how much our little ladies have changed.

A huge thanks to Paul, Wendy & Reagan for opening your home to all of us. We can't wait to see all of you again in July!

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  1. My little niece was adopted from China and has a group like this that she gets together with each year. She is 5 years old now.

    I just want you to know I enjoy your blog!

    God Bless!!


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