Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend in Review

Saturday we took Megan to her first Easter egg hunt. It was a fantastic program! They started out showing Veggie Tales to wrangle all of the kids in the sanctuary. Megan wasn't sure what to think with Veggie Tales showing on two screens. She keep looking back and forth. It was very funny. Then there was a skit to show the children the meaning of Easter.

She wasn't really sure what to do once the egg hunt began. She saw an egg, sat down and thought she was just suppose to play with it.

With lots of help she was able to fill her basket.

Here she is checking out the goodies in her Easter bucket. She received a stuffed bunny, two books; Peter Rabbit and Bible stories. There was the traditional chocolate bunny and eggs filled with goodies.

By the time Megan hunted eggs at my parents she knew what she was doing.

Our last stop of the day was with Chuck's family. Megan had lots of cousins to play with. Total chaos, but always fun.

Hope that everyone had an enjoyable Easter!


  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful, happy week-end!

  2. She looks SO beautiful!!!!! I am positive that she had a ball!! Elizabeth wasn't too sure about putting eggs in her basket until we showed her. Now that's all she wants to do here at home!!!! We've hidden her plastic eggs about 50 times since Sunday!! LOL!!

    Mrs. U


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