Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Cleaning: Kitchen

Boy did I fall off of the spring clean wagon! My goal is to get it finished this week. Over the weekend I was able to get to the kitchen.

Here are the before pictures:

And the after:

Here is what I did:

*Polished dinning table and chairs.
*Dusted the shelves and knicknacks
*Wiped down the counters and everything on the counter.
*Cleaned the front of all of the appliances.
*Cleaned the inside of the microwave.
*Hubby cleaned the top of the refrigerator. Thanks dear!
*Straightened up the pantry.
*Sweep and mopped the floor.
*Went through my never ending pile and put everything where it belongs!

There are other things I would have liked to do, but nap time was ending. I am happy with all I got accomplished.

For some great spring cleaning inspiration be sure to visit Monica at The Homespun Heart!


  1. Super job! I can relate to the never ending pile of stuff. lol. I love how that one door is wallpapered to blend in. What a neat idea!

  2. looks great! My kitchen is done in apples too! I haven't gotten around to the kitchen yet though.

  3. I am so tired from all the work you did. Lol Have a beautiful night.....Mary

  4. Great Job, Wendi! Your kitchen looks great!


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