Monday, March 03, 2008

Daddy Fix-It

Saturday afternoon Chuck opened his Fix-It Shop. The CD player stopped working the other day. No CD would play and it would not open to release them. Chuck with his little helper took it apart to remove the stuck CD. Now it works great.

Next in the shop was the vaccum. Somehow I ran over the cord and the outside of the insulation on the cord was torn. My father-in-law got a good laugh out of this. He couldn't figure out how this had happened. Am I the only one who has ever run over the cord and done this? Thank goodness it didn't cut through those important wires, so a little electricial tape and it is as good as new.

I just love having a handy man around the house!


  1. I run over the cord all the time... on purpose! I've never heard of that before. :) Very funny! Good thing electrical tape fixes such things. :)

  2. I've so done that, too!! I hate it because it always throws the belt and smells up the house.
    It's nice to have a fix-it man around the house, isn't it!


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