Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cuddle Bug

Not the most flattering picture, but it is such a meaningful shot. Most of you know that Megan spent the first 9 months of her life as an orphan. As a small baby she was not cuddled, rocked and loved the way a Mama loves her baby. Megan has always liked to be held as long as she was in an upright position. When I would try to hold her in this position she would resist and try to get upright. She recently started putting herself in this position. She loves it when I hold her like this and sing to her. Which is saying a lot since I can't carry a tune!

Another thing that Megan has done recently is ask for a hug. Chuck came home from work and gave me a hug and kiss. We have the same routine each day when he comes home. Megan came up to us and said "hug". She has always been pretty affectionate. She gives kisses and when we say hug she will happily comply, but this was the first time she asked for a hug!

It might seem small, but considering Megan's beginning these are major things to us.


  1. Wendi,

    That is so precious. I am so thankful Megan has you--and you have her--to cuddle!

    You won a little prize--lotion samples--from my blog today. I think I still have your mailing info from the swap, but please confirm if you'd like to claim this prize. I don't want to send you something you'd prefer not to receive!

  2. That is the sweetest picture!! As an adoptive mom, I can appreciate all those precious moments of bonding in areas that were somewhat difficult!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  3. Oh, how very precious! I love this picture of you two.
    How sad that there are other little ones out there that don't have the blessing of mothers to hold and snuggle them. I wish I could hold them all.

  4. It is wonderful that Megan is able to bond, and to trust. Many children who don't receive the affection they need as infants, don't bond, and end up character disordered.
    She is so adorable!

  5. I have tears of joy in my eyes right now!!! I definitely understand all the milestone moments. :) I am SO very happy to hear that things are going wonderfully for y'all!!

    Mrs. U

  6. My heart is so full for you. This was and is so wonderful. ....Smiles

  7. How wonderful! I have an almost 20 mo. old fron China also! She doesn't like the cradle hold much either, but is getting better about it!



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