Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I think that I am ready to join the land of the living again. This virus that I have is a hard one! I have been getting lots of rest. Going to bed before 9pm and taking a nap each day. Taking a nap is not something that I do often. Even as a child I wasn't much of a napper. I still easily tire, but life must go on!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon making cupcakes!

I made 48 cupcakes. Some for our Valentine party this afternoon and the rest were for Chuck to take into his office to share. I will be sure to take lots of pictures today so I can share the fun of Megan's first Valentine Day. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


  1. Those cupcakes look delicious, Wendi--enjoy!

  2. Those cupcakes do look yummy!!! Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you are back to feeling 100% soon!!! xoxo

  3. I want one!!! Happy Valentine's Day....Mary

  4. 48!!!! I know you were busy!! But the end result is super cute cupcakes AND a very happy daughter!!

    Mrs. U

  5. How cute! Thanks for sharing!!


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