Wednesday, February 06, 2008


It is hard to believe that it is Wednesday already. This week is just flying by! Things have been busy here. Chuck was home yesterday. He has had a headache since Monday that he just can't shake. On top of that he just feels icky. I am helping out my sister-in-law this week. I am keeping her children for three days instead of my normal one day. She called around lunch yesterday saying that she had to work mandatory four hours overtime. Yikes! That meant that I had my niece and nephew from 6:30 in the morning until 8pm. That makes for a long day, especially since they will return this morning at 6:30. I won't comment on what I think of this whole situation.

Chinese New Year begins on Thursday. I am really not prepared! We decided not to go out for dinner since my niece and nephew will be here until 6:30 that evening. Chuck's day begins early so we usually eat dinner shortly after 4:30. I am still working on getting our meal planned and am hoping to have time to put together little gift boxes to send home with Megan's friends that day. If I get it all together I will let you all know how they turn out.

That is what is happening around here. If I happen to disapear for a day or so you'll know that I am just busy with life. Have a good day!

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  1. Wendi,

    Our campus is having a party this afternoon to celebrate Chinese New Year, so I plan to take my son over after his nap. They always have such colorful decorations and refreshments!


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