Monday, January 07, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese

Over the weekend we had a parent initiation... a trip to Chuck E Cheese! Megan's cousin was having her second birthday party there. I wasn't sure how fun it would be for Megan. I was worried that she might be overstimulated and the play area would be to old for her. She did really well and enjoyed some of the rides.

Chuck and I were able to play Skee Ball with Megan's remaining tokens. We hadn't played that in a really long time. It was actually a fun time. Thanks Eric and Angie for pizza, cake and fun!


  1. This is one of our family's favorite places for fun. I often find a coupon in the newspaper. I don't care for their pizza, but the games are great! :)

  2. I keep threatening my husband that I might make him go there one day. ha ha Glad you had fun!

  3. Awww hehe...she is soo adorable! :)

  4. You're right, every parent MUST experience this at least once! :o)
    Megan looks like she had a blast! Fun times for sure!

  5. She has the most beautiful smile. I know you had so much fun. Mary


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