Friday, January 11, 2008

The Best Part of Baking...

Is when Mama lets me lick the beater!

I was doing some baking yesterday evening and decided to let Megan lick the beater. It was a huge hit, maybe even better then the cookie!


  1. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Cute picture! Just a quick thought - you may have already considered this and I don't mean to overstep my boundaries - my niece was infected with salmonella from licking cake batter (with raw eggs) off of a beater when she was three years old. I know we did it all the time when we were kids and we were fine, but she was really sick for weeks. My sister, who is a pediatric nurse, sees this all the time.

    Your little Megan is just precious.

  2. My mom let my sister and I each have a beater when she used her hand mixer.

    Cute pix!

  3. Me and my siblings, all of my kids have been beater lickers for years!! What a cutie in her little purple jammies!

  4. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Please don't ever let a child lick a beater when you are mixing something with raw eggs in it. I took one quick lick of a beater when making a chocolate cake for my husband about 8 years ago and I was so sick. Not to be too graphic - but I "knew" it was the egg. It was quite a horrible night and I haven't licked a beater since and I never will agian. I know most eggs are fine, but if you get one bad one you'll never want to go through the experience a second time. I was just so very thankful it was me and not my children that night.

  5. Such a cutie-pie! My mom did the same thing, and I carried on the tradition with our girls, too. It's so good!

  6. Anonymous2:29 AM

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  7. That is precious. Having a great weekend I hope. Smiles...

  8. Sweet, SWEET pictures!!!! I know she must've been one happy little girl with the yummy dough!!!

    Mrs. U


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