Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wish List

While cleaning out the garage this weekend we ran across an old Christmas list I had given Chuck. This is what was on my list: kick plate for front door, flannel pj's, wishing well flower box, barn birdhouse, window flower boxes, something Americana for over our bed, and last but not least on the list was baby.

I did not receive all of these things for Christmas that year, but I did receive them all over time. The only thing on the list that had not been marked off was baby. After appearing on my wish list for many, many years we were able to mark this off!

I guess what I am trying to say is if you really want something never stop dreaming, wishing and praying for it. You never know your wish just might come true!


  1. Absolutely! I used to pray for a baby all the time...
    I think I might stop now!! (Hee, Hee...)

  2. I'm all teared up. I remember praying and praying for a baby. Those were a couple hard years for me. Now, I'm a mom to three. If only I had known how worth it the wait would be, huh?

    You have a precious daughter, God had a wonderful gift for you at the end of your wait, too.

    What a wonderful visual reminder, you have to scrapbook that list so it is around forever. Blessings today.

  3. What a tremendous blessing!

  4. That's so sweet, Wendi! Rejoicing with you in in these answered *wishes*!

  5. Anonymous12:25 PM

    What a sweet post ... and a wonderful reminder of answered prayer. Megan is a precious gift!!

  6. That is so sweet!!! God always answeres prayer! What a blessing she is! :)

  7. What a blessing. Have a great day Mary

  8. I can so relate....and isn't it amazing after all those years of waiting how that baby just melts away all those longings into such sweet wonderful blessings.


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