Thursday, November 15, 2007

This and That

I have lots of things swimming around in my head. My list of things to accomplish keeps getting longer and honestly I have been less then motivated to get things done. Do you ever have times like that?

Here are some of the things on my list:

*Clean the living room and hallway carpet.
*Call my mother-in-law to see what I need to bring for Thanksgiving dinner.
*Work on Christmas craft projects.
*Clean out the craft/coat closet so I can find things for craft projects.
*Make my Christmas baking list and make list of ingredients needed.
*Decide where to safely put Christmas tree. (I am not worried about Megan, but I watch a 15 mo old boy a few afternoons a week, he is a handful!)
*Wrap Christmas gifts.
*Print out Christmas card address lablels.
*Pick out picture to go in Christmas cards.

After I wrote it out it does not seem so overwhelming. Let's just see if I can actually make myself do these things!


  1. I have had no motivation to do anything lately... Maybe a good snow and a mug of hot chocolate will get me into the Holiday mood! That, or I could buy Christmas presents for myself, hee,hee...
    good luck getting things accomplished!
    We put our tree one year in a corner where we could put a baby gate across it to keep little hands away. I will have that problem this year also!

  2. Hi I love your blog. I wandered over from "Home is where the heart is" blog. I know what you mean about the long list in your head, I have one thats even longer spinning around in mine right now. lol. I'll have to write all of my stuff down and see if it helps me feel a bit less overwhelmed. I cannot seem to get motivated either lately!

    Pattie :)

  3. Making a list always helps me, too! I love the satisfaction of checking it off when it's done! LOL!


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