Monday, November 19, 2007

Sisters' Swap: Cozy

I received my swap package on Friday. Let me just say that I was so excited. I pulled my shoe box out of the box and saw that it was a black shoe box size photo box wrapped in a red ribbon with snowflakes on it. Very cute and I have so many uses for the box!

Thanks to a box loaded with newspaper Megan was having a blast and I had some time to go through my box.

Look at all those goodies. I received a feathered bird, delicious smelling candles, a snowman dishtowel, socks, the cutest tea. One says Christmas Eve tea and the other Christmas Day tea! Very clever! A grow your own Christmas tea kit. Three Christmas ornaments, a cute little guy sitting on a bell, a bell that says "Jingle with Joy for Jesus" and little snowman that was made by Amy's mom. Very creative! Some orange simmer, filled with dried oranges, cinnamon sticks and such. I could not wait to try this out. It smells wonderful! And to finish it off there a large bell shaped cookie cutter that I will be trying it out very soon! Amy thank you very much for your thoughtful package!

This what I included in my package to Amy.

Two of my favorite magazines, Country Sampler and Country Home. Some handmade thank you cards. Two cinnamon apple candles, which are my favorite! Cinnamon Pancake Mix and Morning Sunshine Syrup mix. (I will post the mix recipes later.) A book, The Twelve Blessings of Christmas. A fall dishtowel with a pumpkin on it and a pumpkin scented sachet. Since Amy and I both like snowmen I made sure to include a snowman figure.

I am not sure if it was more fun sending or receiving! A huge thank you to Monica and Carrie for all the hard work they put into this swap!

Stop by to visit Carrie to see more wonderful swap packages.


  1. Wendi,

    It is so much fun seeing all the cozy goodies. Thanks for participating and for posting photos. Enjoy!

  2. What fun! Thanks for joining in our cozy fun! :)

  3. Wow what nice things. Have a great week. Mary

  4. You both did a great job!


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