Friday, November 02, 2007

Grocery Day

I usually do major grocery shopping once a month. I do pop in occasionally for milk, sale items and sometimes this and that during the month. I admit that I shop at the big box store. You know the one that begins with W. It beats all of the other stores in my area for price. My local store is great about going through and marking down items that are on sale at other stores and they even price match. I do get frustrated sometimes while shopping there and if it weren't for having a tight shopping budget I would go elsewhere.

On this shopping trip I was looking for oranges. My little one is a huge fruit fan, especially oranges. I picked up the best looking oranges and the tag said "Fresh from South Africa." Hum, how fresh can they be if they are from South Africa? I opted for oranges that didn't look quite so pretty, but at least they were grown here in the states. I know I shouldn't be shocked that they are bringing in "fresh" fruit and veggies from overseas, but what happened to supporting your local farm or at least farms here in the States. Ok, that is the end of my rant!

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  1. Wendi,

    Yes, this is quite a challenge. Earlier in the fall, I bought a butternut squash at the store that had traveled all the way from Mexico. I determined that for the rest of the season I would only buy them locally!


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