Friday, November 09, 2007

Great Find

Has anyone checked out Crystal's new blog, If not, you should. She posted about a new program that Kroger and their affiliates have. You are able to download coupons onto your Kroger card. When you check out you scan your card to use your uploaded coupons and you can also use paper coupons (which they double up to $0.50)!

Here is what I was purchased last night:

Cascade on sale for $3.00 - $1.00 eSaver coupon + $1.00 paper coupon = $1.00

Oral B Advantage Toothbrush $2.00 - $1.00 eSaver coupon + $1.00 paper coupon = FREE

I also had a coupon to receive a $20.00 gift certificate for any new or transferred prescription (up to three). We had two prescriptions filled, so I now have $40.00 in gift cards to spend.

I have a Kroger almost directly behind my street so I am excited about this program. Thanks for the heads up Crystal!


  1. Great deals, Wendi! Our closest Kroger is a 30 min. drive - so I have to really make it worth my time!

  2. She does have a great blog. She is one of the ones I visit each day. Glad you found her!

  3. I need to check out that blog again soon. Unfortunately, we don't have a Kroger anywhere near here--that was the case with most of the stores she features last time I checked. Glad it's helping you save!


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