Thursday, September 20, 2007

Menu Planner

I was inspired yesterday by a post by The Homespun Heart. Monica basically talks about the effort put into simple things that make your home nice. I was inspired to make this.

I had been writing my menu in a notebook. Sometimes the notebook page made it to the frig other times it sat on the counter all week. Not too appealing on the eyes. I printed off a blank menu planner I then used my trusty contact paper to laminate it. Now each week I can use my dry erase maker to write my menu. Not only is it a little more pleasing to the eyes it is also better for the environment. Thanks for the inspiration Monica!


  1. I saw that yesterday and wanted to try doing something prettier too! I've been lazy lately and just writing my menu on a scrap paper then tacking it to the fridge! Ugly! Yours looks great!

  2. Yeah! That is so cute! Great job - somehow I find it easier to follow my menu when it looks nice!

  3. This is a great idea. I hate the constant "what's for dinner?" calls I get at work...this way they can just look at the fridge. I will be doing using this idea!!!! Probably makes grocery shopping a bit easier too knowing what you are going to need for the upcoming week!

  4. Good idea, Wendi. I've been wanting to try something like that, and didn't want to spend so much on a white board. I never thought of laminating! Thanks for the tip!

  5. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Great idea again! What I've been doing all year is keeping track of each weeks menu in my computer. The goal is to have a full year of menus so that next year that I don't look in the fridge and say "So What Am I Going To Cook Tonight?" I even built in the menu those times when my husband and I eat out or take advantage of a weekly special. What goes up on the fridge is the current weeks menu that I put in a page protector. I'm hoping it works out for me - I'm just happy that every week I remember to keep tract of the menus. I did something simular for house hold chores. Every week of the year there is something listed besides dust - do laundry etc. That way I don't get overwheled with house keeping and in the event that I'm ill my husband knows exactly how to help me.

  6. Oh this IS a good idea!!! I've been writing my menus down in chicken scratch and my family can barely make it out!! What a great idea to post it up NEATLY and use dry erase, too!!

    Mrs. U


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