Thursday, April 19, 2007

Home for One Week

We have officially been home for a week. We are all slowly adjusting. Unfortunately both Chuck and I caught a cold shortly after returning. That most definitely did not help! Day by day things are starting to settle.

Megan went for her first pediatrician appointment yesterday. She weighs 15.1 pounds and is 25 inches. The office did the happy dance that she hit the charts. She is 3% on her weight and a whooping 75% on her height. The doctor said for her to come back in 6 weeks and at this time she did not want to do anything regarding her development. She wants to see how much she progresses between now and the next visit.

She did receive two shots... Ouch! My good friend, Lesle, is the pediatrician's nurse and was the lucky one to give Megan her shots. I teased Lesle and said Megan may not like her since she will be thought of as the Shot Lady!!

Megan made her first appearance at church today. She went to visit Grandma. (My MIL is the church bookkeeper) She let grandma hold her as long as she could see one of us, but would not go to anyone else. Pastor Brian keep putting out his hand trying to get her to take his finger. She wanted nothing to do with him.

There are two ladies that come in most Thursday morning to pray for those on the pray list. They have been praying for us since we left to bring Megan home. Wouldn't you know it, the morning we go in they decide not to come to the church!

We know there are lots of people at church anxious to meet Megan. We have decided that Megan is not ready for that many people and that much attention yet. This will be another Sunday we will not be in attendance. Soon, very soon we will be back!

Each day we work a little more toward a routine. A big thanks for Monica at The Homespun Heart for sharing her daughter's schedule!


  1. You're so sweet - you are more than welcome to any info I have gained and learned that may help. We need community so we can help and encourage one another!

    Rachel goes for her nine-month check-up today! It will be interesting to see how much she has grown. Last time, she was 10% for weight and height I think - so we'll see... :) Have a great day!

  2. Megan is SO beautiful!!! Isn't it just wonderful to be HOME with YOUR baby??!!!!! :)

    Elizabeth doesn't do very well with a lot of people around. We've been home since March 10 and you would THINK that she could handle it a little better by now, but she can't. She gets WAY over-excited and it's very hard to get her to calm down. Everyone tells us "Oh look how happy she is!!" and I'm thinking "No, she's just spazzing out because everyone is in her face and overstimulating her brain!!" Sigh...

    Anyway, if you haven't visited these two sites yet, please do. They are and These are both AWESOME sites about attachment/bonding with the adopted child. I've learned a TON and can still see areas that I need to work with Elizabeth in.

    I'm SO glad that y'all are home!! Oh, and I LOVE your doorbell and the sign, too!

    Mrs. U

  3. Woohoo! Sounds like good progress Mom! Were YOU brave when Megan got her shots? You should get a gold star!



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