Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Spring Cleaning (Sort Of)

The last few days I have been having those days when one thing leads to another that leads to another. On Thursday I woke up to thunderstorms. In the Midwest thunderstorms mean one thing... Spring is coming!! So the spring cleaning bug bit me that morning. I started with the bathroom. I pretty much had it done when I thought even though I have cleaned the base boards they really don't look as bright as I would like. So I decide to give them a coat of paint. Which leads to painting the wainscoting and the ceiling. Now I am going to give the walls another coat of tan.

Then on Friday Chuck has a plumber come to fix the leak on the main shut off for the house. The main shut off is in the entry way closet. We move everything out for the plumber. I have been wanting to make it my craft/scrapbook storage area, so why not go for it since the closet is empty.

So now I have a project to finish in the bathroom and one in the living room closet. Just love it when one thing leads to another and another. Will I ever get the spring cleaning done!

Check out Monica at The Homespun Heart she has also been bitten by the spring cleaning bug also. She is offering a prize drawing for all who join her in spring cleaning.

Hopefully soon I will be posting that I have actually finished a spring project!

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