Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Spring Cleaning: Kitchen

I finally got my act together and tackled the kitchen this afternoon. I am embarrassed to show the before pictures.

If you look at the TV that is Martha Stewart. One way to motivate myself!

Here are the after pictures.

Here is a list of what was completed today.

*Dusted decorative shelves and items on the top of cabinets.
*Wiped down the outside & inside of cabinets.
*Straighted the inside of all cabinets.
*Wiped down all appliances.
*Cleaned counter tops and all items on counter top.
*Cleaned stove (still need to clean the oven, but dinner was cooking)
*Cleaned inside of microwave.
*Cleaned window.
*Vacuumed window track.
*Washed & ironed curtain.
*Cleared clutter from table.
*Dusted table top, legs and chairs.
*Dusted corner cabinet.
*Cleaned outside of refrigerator (cleaned out inside yesterday when I came home from store)
*Sweep floor (will mop before I go to bed tonight)

I am planning on buying some new cushions for the chairs and some rugs. I am so happy that I keep taking a peek in the kitchen!


  1. Excellent job you did! What a tackle - you're now ready for a big Easter Party :)

  2. Very well done! It looks beautiful and I love it that you were watching Martha for inspiration! :)


  3. Hi. I came over for the party and mingled through a few posts. :) You and I have the same stove! I love mine...no more cleaning drip pans. Gotta love the self cleaning oven too.

    Thanks for having me. Have a great day!

  4. I just love your kitchen!! It is beautiful!


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