Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Nursery is Done!

I have been working on the nursery since early this morning. Finally it is finished! I needed to go through the closet and toys. I had been given lots of toys and clothes from my sister and friend L. I packed up all of the clothes that were larger then 12 months and took out all of toys that aren't age appropriate. Now the closet looks so empty.

I made up the crib, but I still need to wash the bedding. I couldn't resist. I just had to see it. It is called Mirabella.

I am so happy with the way the dresser turned out. Chuck found this last summer at a garage sale for $5. I used left over paint from the room and put shelf liner in the drawers.

Chuck made this shelf. He used a sheet of melamine so the shelf would have the same finish as the crib. I used left over paint on the pegs. The doll in the center of the shelf is a Language Little. She speaks both English and Chinese.

All the toys on this shelf were given to me by my sister. Well loved by Megan's cousins! I painted to walls myself. I thought I would never get the strips finished.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. All we need now is a sweet baby girl to go in the room!


  1. Wendi -

    I LOVE the dresser and the room is darling!! Way to go Mom! Funny how their little clothes look so tiny in the closet and after you pull out all the not yet age appropriate stuff, it feels a little naked... no doubt you'll have it filled up in no time!! Thanks for sharing!!


  2. Everything turned out really well! I love it! Great job!

  3. The nursery is just beautiful. Congratulations!

  4. What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL room you and your husband have made! Your excellent parenting already shows! In case you're wondering, I found your blog from a comment you left on the Jenn's Nook blog.

    Most sincerely,
    Mrs. Wayne Hunter

  5. It all looks so sweet!


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