Sunday, February 25, 2007

Busy Weekend

I feel like I have been on the go all weekend.

Friday Dad had surgery on his rotator cuff. He had surgery on his foot earlier this year and fell right after he was home from the hospital. This surgery was a result that fall. Everything went well. It was an outpatient procedure so he was in and out. My sister was on hospital duty (she happens to work for the hospital) and I had babysitting detail.

Friday evening we meet up with two couples that are part of our adoption travel group. It was so great to meet them. One couple is from the same area we are so we will be getting together again. The other couple lives three hours away, so I am not sure how often we will see them. The great thing about this couple is that this is their second adoption, so they had lots of great information.

Saturday I was on duty at my parents. I spent the whole day there helping out.

This afternoon we ran some errands for Mom. Filling prescriptions, getting groceries etc. She does not drive so the next week should be fun. Then we had a family dinner at my parents. I ended up spending the whole weekend on the go.

I may not be posting much this week. I will be in and out helping my parents. Have a great week!

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