Monday, January 08, 2007

Organizing: Craft Ideas

I keep my craft ideas organized in this binder.

It takes up too much space to keep all of the magazines and catalogs I find ideas in. I clip out the ideas and slip them into page covers. I then sort them by catagory (I have Christmas, Easter, Summer, Fall etc) and place them in my binder.

Many of the things I find in catalogs I know that I can make for less money. I will clip the picture for later.

I receive mailings for craft clubs and books. I don't purchase many, but if I see something I like I will clip it from the ad to make later.


  1. Wow, I'm impressed. By the way, you're it!

  2. Your notebook looks so tidy and organized! I have a few folders in my filing cabinet where I store clipped articles, but I think I would refer to them more often if I put them in a notebook.

  3. Thanks! I also keep my recipes this way. I will show that sometime.

  4. what a cute idea. I love your blog I got it from homespun heart.


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