Monday, January 29, 2007

Organizing: Dry Erase Calendar

I keep a yearly calendar that I update at the beginning of each year. I add birthdays, anniversaries, doctor appointments, Chuck's days off etc. I also have a monthly dry erase calendar that I keep on the refrigerator. I LOVE this calendar! At the beginning of each month I will transfer items from the large calendar and then add things as they come up for that month. We mark down everything on this calendar. Any event that is planned, birthday parties, dinners out with friends, if I am going to go out scrapbooking, everything.

When we receive a call and someone is asking us to do something we automatically go to this calendar. This keeps Chuck from saying yes to something and me saying yes to something for the same day. No this does not take place of communication, but it helps if one of us are out of the house and gets a call. It also helps us to keep things from being over scheduled. I even have my sister trained, when she calls she will say look at your calendar and see what you are doing on the 15th.

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