Friday, January 26, 2007

Guess What I Am Doing This Weekend?

I am getting a new washing machine! For the last month or so I would go to change the loads of laundry and occasionally the clothes would still be soaked. I would re-spin the load and move on. On Monday I went to change the load and there was water all over the place. Luckily the laundry area is in the garage! Chuck came home took it all apart and could find nothing wrong. He ran a load and all was fine. Then yesterday on my first load it did not spin out all of the water. I ran the spin cycle again but this time it leaked again! The washer is 11 years old and Chuck has repaired in a couple of time, so decided to get a new one. With all the laundry our new little one will add I know this is a good idea.

Now for the silly part. What I am most bummed about is the fact that we currently have a matching set and I know even if we buy the same kind it will not exactly match. After 11 years styles change. Isn't that silly!

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