Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bridal Shower Gift: Laundry Gift Basket

I will be heading to a Bridal Shower this weekend. I am putting together a Laundry Gift Basket. This is some of what I will be putting in the laundry basket.

From my craft binder I used one of the ideas I found in a catalog to make this:

I scanned in the photo I had from the catalog. I then enlarged it and printed in on cardstock. I then laminated it and attached it to a piece of magnet I purchased from the craft store. It list stain removal tips. I figured she could put into inside her laundry cabinet or frame it and hang it in the laundry area.

When putting the basket together I thought putting everything individually into the basket did not look very good. I took an empty detergent box that I lined with tissue paper and used it as one would a gift bag. I sat the larger items in the laundry basket. I am going to look for an inexpensive homekeeping book to add to the basket. I am thinking about weaving ribbon through the baket holes and making a bow on the front. I hope it is not too practical. What do you think?


  1. This is wonderful! I have to go to a wedding shower that has given us specific "times" of day to provide gifts for and my time is Laundry Time. I couldn't figure out what else to get besides a laundry basket - this is perfect! Thanks!

  2. Please tell me how I can do this project I want to do it for my laundry basket gift!!

  3. I am using a painted galvanized tub as the basket and filling it with items I use in the laundry. I am looking for a little wash board to complete the gift.

  4. I am doing a laundry basket for a wedding shower. I used a painted galvanised small tub and filled it with items used in the laundry. I am looking for a small wash board. Does anyone have any ideas

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