Sunday, December 10, 2006

Twelve Blessings of Christmas

I received a delightful book as part of a Secret Santa exchange. It is The Twelve Blessings of Christmas by T.J. Mills. I thought I would take the next twelve days to share this book with all of you.

The Blessing of Warmth

Christmas is more than a span of time on the calendar; it's a place in our hearts. Each year we welcome this season of splendor like a much anticipated visit from a cherished old friend. We embrace its advent with a flurry of Yuletide activities that reflect the sprirt of our deep faith in this celebration of God's love for us. The arrival of Christmas is the blessing of WARMTH in our hearts.

A homespun Christmas filled with simple pleasures (and the time to enjoy them) can be the greatest blessing of all. So, be a kid again, get excited, make projects with glitter and glue. Bake cookies until the aroma fills every corner of your home. Sing Christmas songs with "The Chipmunks" and stand outside without a coat in the cold night air to look at the bright twinkling lights on the houses. Enjoy every warm minute and have a merry little Christmas! ~ T.J. Mills

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