Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Great Gift!

I received something very special from my mom. Not a Christmas gift or birthday gift, a gift just because she thought of me!

I received a bag that had recipes from her mom, Mom Donohoe. It is a collection of recipes clipped from the newspaper, magazines and written on whatever she had. Some of the things she has written on includes: the back of her children's school work, old calendars from the 1940's and even on the back of letter dated in the 1940's. I am so blessed to have this!

My plan is to scan the items and use the re-productions to create a scrapbook. I will try to include pictures of recipe owners along with some history of that person. My grandmother was great about putting who she received the recipe from. I have recipes from my great-grandmother (her mother-in-law), along with several cousins and aunts that I have never heard of.

Once the scrapbook is complete I plan to copy the scrapbook pages and make a book for all of my family members. As I sort through my goodies I will share with all of you. I am so grateful for this goodie bag!


  1. I ran across your blog and I am enjoying my visit! :~)

    What a delighful and treasured gift you have received. I'll look forward to see what you share with us.
    Thank you, Kath

  2. That is so wonderful! I can't imagine how much fun that must be to go through. My great-grandmother recently passed away and maybe I will ask, when my grandmother goes through her things, if I can get her recipe box. It would be a wonderful way to perserve some great memories cooking with her! Have fun with your stash of goodies!

  3. Very neat! I just the other day ran across my late grandmother's cookbook. I never met her, and it was neat seeing what she liked to make. I was at my mom's house and we went through it together and mom found a recipe for "salmon patties" and she made an awful face and said she remembered having to eat those for supper and she hated them. :-)


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