Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas At My House!?!

Well, I recently found out that my MIL wants to have Christmas at our house. Gulp! I have had a hard time getting in the spirit this year. With our adoption taking so long and my office closing, I really have been down. We thought for sure our baby girl would be joining us by this time. I am feeling better now, but I really scaled back this year. I put up the tree and the stockings. That is it. Normally I decorate to the nines. Yes, I know decorating is not the reason for the season!

So, with my uncompleted living room (we still need to put up the closet door and put up all of the trim) I will be hosting Christmas! We celebrate with Chuck's mom, stepdad and family on Christmas Eve. The plan is to attend church on Sunday morning and them come back here to celebrate.

I have a full weekend, including my mom's annual day of baking. Yummy! Stating Monday I will be cleaning like crazy!

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