Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Blessing of Music

We've all known this feeling when the joy of a Christmas carol swells in our hearts and rises through our senses. It brings a lump to our throats and a tear to our eyes. We begin as small children learning these wonderful songs. Each year we bring them out to dust off and tune up, and soon realize that, like a fine antique, they have become more priceless with the passing of time. ~ T.J. Mills

One of my favorite carols is

Silent Night by Franz Gruber written in 1818. Here is the history of the song:

It's hard to believe that the quiet, calmng refrains of the peaceful "Silent Night" were actually composed under pressure! A broken organ on Christmas Eve was the inspiration behind it's creation. The church's priest quickly penned some verse and asked his organist to compose accompaniment. That night, to the gentle strains of a single guitar the song was first performed and the little Austrian church was not silent. ~ T.J. Mills

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