Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween Sweeties!

Tuesday night we went out with my two youngest nieces. They were so excited and had such a good time. We had two little mishaps. They each got so excited that they forgot and ran down a drive. They both ended up with a little scrap on their hand. Oops!

I know there are some that do not believe in celebrating Halloween. For us it is a time to catch up with those from our past. Everyone gathers at my parents and we have a family dinner. The we take the kids out. Since we are in the neighborhood that I grew up in we know everyone. It is a social outing for us adults. A chance to catch up with those we seldom see. We even ran into a couple of people we went to school with. They said they came back for the same reason, because they know it is safe and to catch up with people. It was great to see everyone!

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