Sunday, April 08, 2018

Weekend Puttering

There was nothing on the calendar this weekend and it was heavenly! I feel like I've been on the go to much and this was a much needed break. I went to pick up a few groceries. I love to see others grocery hauls, so I thought I'd share what I purchased with you.
The items on the left are from Aldi and the things on the right from Meijer.  I spent a total of $47.66 ($19.16/Aldi and $28.50/Meijer.  I did really well at Meijer getting fresh items, boneless chicken breast, chicken drumsticks and milk.  Chuck and Megan were with me at Aldi and few extras made it into the cart.  *smile*  

I threw all the cold items into the frig and this mess greeted me in the morning. 
I don't know about you, but I don't feel very inspired when things aren't tidy, organized, and in their proper places.  I knew that taking care of this business would need to be a top priority.

The first thing I did was take things out of the refrigerator one shelf at a time.  I wiped the shelf off and then sorted the items.  I had things that needed to be washed and prepped.  I also had items that were almost past their prime.  Those items were set aside to go into the freezer. 

Once that was complete I tackled the items that needed washed and prepped.  
Once that was done the refrigerator was complete. 
Awe... much better. I then packaged up a few things for the freezer and wiped down the counters  
There were a few things still on the table from my shopping trip.  I took a few minutes to put them away.  I tend to take things out of packages and place into glass containers.  Not only does it look pretty, but prevents anything from getting into the containers.  
Next I went to the garage.  The items I had prepared for the freezer were added to the big freezer and then I needed to make room in the freezer above the garage frig.  I generally keep baking items in there.  I purchased 25 lbs of flour that had been in the freezer for a while.  I always do this as I want to kill anything that might turn into a creepy crawly.  *shudder*
This allowed me to make room for the 18 lbs of butter I had previously purchased on sale at Aldi.  
Then it was time to sit down with a glass of tea and work on the weekly menu.
One of the best ways to tighten the purse strings is in the kitchen.  As I mentioned last week we had to purchase a new furnace.  We also purchased a new air conditioner.  We debated and debated on doing this.  They offered us a great deal if we purchased both.  Since they were both the same age and we had the air conditioner repaired last summer we did both.  Our neighbor did the repair and said it most likely couldn't be repaired again.

It's a good thing we did as the installer said that one of the items needed to make the air cold was down to zero pounds.  This particular gas/liquid, whatever it was, isn't available any more.  So we would have had no air conditioning and would have been told we had to purchase a new unit this summer  Amazing how God looks out for us and meets our needs!

Anyway,  with making this large purchase we are really pinching pennies.  I found that when I have my food organized that I am more willing to jump into the kitchen and get something delicious and nutritious cooking.  This time spent in the kitchen will have a huge pay off.

I also tackled laundry.  I was able to get all of the laundry washed, ironed/folded, and put away.  A great feeling that will last until we get into our night clothes. *smile*
I also started my spring cleaning.  Megan helped me to wash down the laundry area. When we were done Chuck used the shop vac to vacuum the dust from behind the washer and dryer.  I then mopped and vacuumed the runner in front of the washer and dryer.  I love it when an area is spotless!

It's been crazy weather around here.  It's been cold with snow.  Then we had a warm day that caused flooding.  Now we're back to cold and I hear there could be some light snow overnight.

Now that I've started spring cleaning maybe Spring will actually come. Ha!  

I'm feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy a new week. 

May your day be filled with joy in the journey!


  1. Wow...great buys! I wish we had an Aldi's here. Such a great feeling when you can get what you need for an affordable price.
    Yes! I love an organized fridge. When its messy, I don't want to cook. Why is that?
    I always buy in bulk and keep my pantries full. I like to shop from my cabinets. I live far from town and its nice to have all the extras on hand, so I don't have to run to town all the time. I'm so not a town gal. Ha!
    Spring? One day its here and the next its gone. Weird weather!

    I hope you have a great week!

    Hugs, Amy

  2. I second the wish for an Aldi. I here of all the good buys people have from there.

  3. I’m decluttering my kitchen and your fridge is inspiring me to hurry up so I can also deep clean my fridge

  4. PS we got a new heat and air system almost 2 years ago. It works so much better and our utility bills are significantly lower now.

  5. Here where I live in Missouri we have added that "Sprinter" season also, but we are to have three days of warm weather at the end of this week. Yay! Hooray! Daffodils are blooming here but my tulips are just in leaf stage, starting to make buds for flowers.

    In the predawn hours of morning all of the robins and other birds have been singing, and singing trying to convince this Spring to provide them some warmth.

    We soon will be having major must-do plumbing work done. The nearly $3000 price tag sure took the wind out of our sails for a bit, but there is no choice but to have it done. No glamorous rehab work, but replacement of the main sewage stack, and a new toilet to replace our old 64 year old one. It has been an interesting and not too fun week just getting estimates for the work. Now to decide where we will put all of the stuff from under our kitchen cabinets, on top of the kitchen counter,and under the bathroom vanity so the plumber can access all of the pipes in the wall. Our house is small, I don't know where to go with everything.

    I wish I was as organized as you are. At least at the end of it all I will have plumbing that works and a taller toilet that's easier for my knees.

  6. Hey sweet girl, what great buys you have found. I love your well stock home. We are having the same kind of weather. One day it was warm, the next day we had tornadoes and a couple of days later we had snow. Crazy spring! Groceries is one area I really need to watch in our budget. Another area is the electric with the cool temps it hard not to keep running the heat. I am so really for warm weather the kind that you can keep the windows open. I know what you mean about added cost, we are going to have to add a sub pump under our house..we are talking 5 to 6 hundred. After wards we are will need to get new insulation blown under there another $1500. ouch!!! Take Care!

  7. We are getting an Aldi store here very soon. Well, it's about 45 min. from my house but then most everything is. I think it is scheduled to open within the next few months, maybe even soon. I like things neat and organized as well. It makes everything nicer. We have had some strange weather here as well. Snow on April 9th. Very strange. God bless.

  8. We don't have either of those stores here in NH. Can you come up to NH and organize my kitchen. I love your menue display for the week. Beautiful.

  9. I really likes your blog! You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read!Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi! I have just discovered your blog and love it! I look forward to having time to read it through. I would love for you to visit me at

  11. It is always easier when everything is put away in the right spot. Sorry finances are tight. At least you have plenty of food. Love all of the butter.

  12. Love grocery hauls. Good work. I does help having our food in order when pinching pennies! Enjoy this week.

  13. I am truly inspired. During this last year of cancer treatments (I should be all done with treatments and surgery by the end of this year!), I've had to let a lot of things go. I am having a bit more energy than I did.


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