Thursday, February 01, 2018

No Spend Month

Hello February! It seems that January has flown by. It was a very good month. Generally January is a hard month. Thankfully we haven't had a ton of snow and I've been out and about quite a bit. Sadly that out and about means I've spent a little bit more than I had put in the budget. Yikes!

Today is the day that I steer this ship back onto course. February will be a no spend month for us. Actually our first no spend month ever!

What does that mean. Well, exactly what it says... no spending. I guess I should clarify that there will a little bit of spending. Of course the bills will be paid. There are also a few groceries such as milk,  fresh fruit and veggies to purchase. It will be the minimum needed to get by. I went the grocery store earlier in the week and have a full pantry and freezer. Don't worry we have plenty to eat!  I'll update you each week of the month if there is any spending on groceries.

Many of you might ask why February and not January as that seems to be the go to no spend month.  Besides the overspending in January the van needs some work.  The main thing is a new radiator.  In order to get us by while we save to take care of that repair we can can buy a can of stop leak if the leak gets worse.  Chuck isn't sure that it will work but it's worth a shot if needed.

Besides saving for the van repair we need to save for vacation.  I know, I know. How can we take a vacation when we are knee deep in debt.  We agreed to this vacation before the medical bills grew and the vehicles need repairs.  We seriously thought about cancelling.  In doing so we would have lost money as we have been paying for the beach house.  We also factored in the fact that Megan will be 12 this summer. The years for family vacations is slipping away. 

After the vehicle and vacation funds are filled we will back to full force debt reduction.  Follow along as we tackle a no spend month.

May your day be filled with joy in the journey!


  1. I hope it goes well! I did a pantry challenge in January and saved $200. We had hoped that would go right to savings but January ended up being a costly month with unexpected repairs etc. so it all balanced out.

  2. Go on that vacation! Children grow up too fast not to make the memories! Best wishes on your no spend month!

  3. Just finished our No-Spend/Low-Spend January. We chose to do Low-Spend January as we had been saving for a sofa and January is best for furniture sales so we knew we would be spending some. We cut everything in half, such as eating out. We skipped everything we could, like clothes. We cleaned out our cupboards by putting everything we wanted to use up on the bottom shelves of our cupboards and made meal plans from those items. Good luck with your month. I wish I had waited until Feb and will be doing that next year. January tends to be hectic right after Christmas, Feb seems like a better month for it.

  4. Good for you, and I know how things can creep up. It is tough for me not to spend money. I am working on this every day. I don't buy on the Sabbath. If everyday was the Sabbath..... a thought?

  5. I agree, go on that vacation! Bills, unfortunately will always be there. But, enjoying your daughter and spending some family time is so much more important. One day, they grow up and leave home. Save where you can, spend less or not at all when you need to.
    Looking forward to reading your no spend thoughts throughout the month!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. i will be following this month closely with you! I wish I could do this but it won't happen this month and I know it. An injury to my right shoulder will most likely make some carry out food almost a necessity this month, since I will have limited use of my right hand/arm for awhile. Hard to do a lot of cooking with my left hand!I had to get a radiator in late Nov---expensive! I am going to have to make this year a very minimum spending year, as I will be facing some medical bills that could be quite a bit if it turns out surgery is required. But--take the vacation! We didn't get one last year due to some major expenses. I was hoping for a brief one this year but now I;m not sure if that will happen. Jonathan will be 12, too, this summer.It's scary how fast they are growing up!

  7. Go for the vacation, yes, they grow up quick. Our oldest at home will be 15 this year. We need to go on a vaca this year as well. Sounds wonderful on the no spend month. I may join you or keep our very low. Good Luck!


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