Monday, December 18, 2017

Gingerbread Fun

While out shopping Chuck threw a gingerbread house into the cart. Neither one of us realized it was the unassembled kit. Oh my, those are a pain! After some struggle Megan suggested we use hot glue. Smart! Smart! Smart! It worked like a charm.
Enjoy some snapshots of the fun. 
May your day be filled with joy in the journey!


  1. She is quick thinker!!!
    It turned out great, Wendi.
    Enjoy your Monday.
    We took the week off in our homeschool.
    Because. Christmas. : )

  2. Very cute! Smart idea about using glue. We may have to borrow that idea. We put one together every year and it is so hard to get them to stay together. God bless.

  3. I agree, I might have to borrow the hot glue idea. 😊

  4. Chuck had a good idea to buy that kit

  5. It turned out adorable! I like the hot glue idea. We always end up making gingerbread tents, because the houses always fell apart!

    Merry Christmas, Wendi!!

  6. What a smart girl that Megan is! I love the glue idea.


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