Monday, August 07, 2017

Back to School!

We have started on our new adventure in homeschooling! I spent some time getting things set up. Our cart is full of new pencils, paper and fresh workbook sheets. The bulletin board has been spruced up.
It list our expectations, verse to inspire us and a spot to keep the spelling list so it doesn't go missing. *wink*
I set the kitchen up the night before. It makes things run much smoother when things are ready to go in the morning. 

 I started a batch of crock pot oatmeal before I went to bed. Yum!
 The banner and apple came from Target. They had some really cute back to school items. 
 After breakfast it was time for the obligatory front porch picture. 
 It was then time to hit the books. 
 Isn't math always easier when completed while laying on the kitchen floor? *smile*
 Our school day was finished off with the start of a science experiment. 
 Then it was time for lunch.
 Aren't these trays the cutest?! When I saw them I thought of lunch room trays and knew they would be fun. The set came with matching bowls, cups and even silverware. Cute!
 There was free time until it was time for an afternoon snack. 
 Snack was enjoyed on the back porch while our read aloud was started. 

My favorite moment of the day was when I realized it was 3:30 and Megan was outside playing. 
 In the past we would have been arriving home from school. The rush for snack, homework, and dinner prep would have awaited us. It was such a relaxing feeling to know Megan could be a kid and play without the added stress of more schoolwork.  
Each time I look over and see the science experiment turned table center piece I smile. I think I'm going to love this!

May your day be filled with joy in the journey!


  1. Meghan looks like she is really enjoying her first day of school. I always took pictures of my kids in front of the front door on the first day of school. I think she will get so much more accomplished in each school day now that she is at home.

    My kids were in public school. I still question whether or not we made the right choice with that, and my "kids" are 31 and 34 years old. They used to get so frustrated in school with the continuous repetition of so much of the schoolwork to bring children up to speed who had not been paying attention in class.

    Best wishes to you and Megan on your new schooling adventure.

    Susie D.

  2. Fresh beginnings! There's something about the start of a new school year that makes us all feel excited, including us empty nesters. I like your pencil holder and I love that your daughter can stretch out in the kitchen floor to do her math if she feels like it. Try that in a public school setting. ha ha! Is this your first year homeschooling?

    1. Yes, this is our first year to homeschool.

  3. Oh Wendi, I am sure you and Megan both will so enjoy homeschooling. It is SO much fun and much more relaxed than public school. You are in control of how things are done. It is your time. Looks like you are making it tons of fun. I love all your school stuff. Enjoy your time together.

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  5. You are very well prepared. I love the science project. and those lunch trays. Where did you find them at? Happy home-schooling!

    1. WalMart ~ $5 for a set of 4!

  6. Everything looks so nice! I'm so glad you are off to a good start! I love the placemats and the tray. I do that science experiment with my preschool class. So fun! Check out my Pinterest boards for science if you need and inspiration, I've planned science for my preschool for 4 tears now. I have 2---Science Activiites and Preschool Science. But don't be fooled by the preschool one, the experiments are educational (and cool!) for any age. Best wishes on your homeschool journey! (I'm a tad jealous)

  7. I am soooo happy for you, Wendi!!!
    What a wonderful journey you are both beginning!!!
    I cannot wait to follow along!

  8. I hope that you have a wonderful first year of homeschooling! Everything looks so organized and fun for the start of a new year. I was homeschooled for the 4 years of high school and LOVED it--it was a relief for me after struggling to get my work done in school and having hours of homework each night to be done for the day by early afternoon. Suddenly, I was able to do other fun things and learn skills I wouldn't have been able to do in regular school.

  9. Awe....I'm so excited and happy for you all. You are gonna do great and just think of all the things you'll learn along the way. Megan looks happy and that's all that matters! And Math on the floor is the best place ever. We do school all over the house and sometimes upside down on the couch. Best type of learning if you ask me. ;)
    My oldest is taking classes at the college this year and my two youngest will start doing theirs on Monday! I've been homeschooling for over 12 years and I wouldn't change a thing!!

    Enjoy every moment!!

    Hugs, Amy

  10. I am sure you will enjoy this school year, as well as Megan will. Blessings and joy as you start this journey together...

  11. This is wonderful wendi! I can't wait to see the science project in full effect. I didn't home school my girls, we were blessed with great Christian schools in the area... but If I had young children in todays world, I would definitely home school. I think you all are going to enjoy this school year! : )

  12. YOur post brings back so many wonderful moments of homeschooling. I love seeing Megan laying on the floor doing her math. :) I'm glad you are doing read alouds with her. Do you two take turns reading? I used to do that with my boys and it really helped with their reading skills and gave me a nice break.

    Be blessed and here is to a wonderful school year!

  13. Wendi - There are so many joys and blessings that come with keeping our kids home and teaching them! Your cup will run over!


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