Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Tuesday Tackle #11

I was half way through my project when I realized I hadn't taken one picture... opps! The first picture is a small glimpse of the door I took when I updated the decor in the laundry area. 
The laundry is in the garage and at the end of the laundry area is a door that leads out to the back porch. It is the original 1953 door so it's rough. It also never had trim so when the laundry area was updated Chuck put trim around the door. It has sat in it's sad state of unfinished wood trim since September and the door hadn't had a fresh coat of paint since we moved in 16 years ago!

I washed the door and then gave the door jam, trim and backside of the door two coats of fresh white paint. 
Once the paint was dry a new blind was added and then I whipped up a valance using the same fabric that I used to hide a storage shelf and for the sink skirt. 
It is amazing what a little bit of elbow grease and fresh coat of paint and do to improve the look of something. Even an old beat up door from 1953!
 I also gave the window sills and trim a fresh coat of paint before new blinds were added.
While the paint brush was out the door for the attic stairs was painted. It was one of those things we didn't think about painting when the new steps were installed.
Nothing glamorous but it does feel good to mark these things off of the list. What projects have you tackled in the last week? Tune in next Tuesday to see what homemaking debt I tackle.   

May your day be filled with joy in the journey! 


  1. May I ask what type of paint you used for the door? I painted the trim in a bathroom in April and painted the door with the same paint, but it looks realy rough. I think I need a different type of paint but not sure what to get! Everything looks great! Love the fabric for the valance and sink skirt!

    1. It's a basic white off the shelf from Lowes - Valspar. It is one with the primer included. I like to use semi-gloss.

  2. Husband and I are resting because we just tackled cleaning our garage from top to bottom. It wasn't too cluttered, just dirty and harboring too many spiders.
    I am so glad it's done. ❤️ Your laundry room redo is cute as can be.

  3. Cut, I love the cherry fabric. We are working on our old deck and it is so hard. Why is everything so hard? Redoing is just a pain, but it will get done. I think?

  4. Thank you Wendi!!

  5. I just found your blog and have been enjoying reading your posts. I love your laundry room redo. The cherry fabric is so cute!

  6. Wendy, your laundry area is adorable. It feels wonderful to complete another project off the list. And I love it when it doesn't cost to much. Have a wonderful day my friend.


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