Thursday, July 13, 2017


Hello! I am stopping by to let you know I will not be posting for the next week. There is lots happening around here. 

My dad had hip replacement surgery on Wednesday. He is doing well and should be released from the hospital tomorrow. All of us will be relieved when he is home.

Funny conversation with Megan about Grandpa having surgery.

Me: Grandpa will be a new man.
Megan: I don't want Grandpa to be a new man I like the old Grandpa.

Guess I phrased that wrong. Corrected myself to explain he would be walking like a new man. Good to know she likes Grandpa the way he is. :)

 I am also knee deep making lesson plans.
The plan is have the first nine weeks complete by our start date. It looks like it will be August 7th.

Besides planning school we have been on the go squeezing in as much summer fun as we can. Traditional school starts in two weeks so that means we have one week to make summer memories with my nieces. The week before school they generally like to stay home and relax. I can't say I blame them as home is my favorite place to be too!

May your day be filled with joy in the journey!


  1. I take it you home school, or do you teach?

  2. I pray all goes well with your dad and his recovery.

  3. I love home too Wendi. We have 3 boys and I am struggling with the schooling decision. I'm glad you got your answer from the Lord.

  4. I love home too Wendi. We have 3 boys and I am struggling with the schooling decision. I'm glad you got your answer from the Lord.

  5. Awesome time. I'm excited about by your new journey.

  6. There's no place like home! I love being at home. I'm so excited about your journey of home education. I know you all will be blessed for making this decision. I still can't believe I'm finishing up our journey. It really does fly by.

  7. Keeping your dad in my prayers! Homeschooling...I loved it! Are you with a particular program, charter school or do you get to create the lessons yourself? I know each state is different with their "rules" :-) Congratulations, hope all goes well! Enjoy the weekend!


  8. As you know I love being home. It is good to see that you will be homeschooling Megan!!

  9. I'm glad to hear that your dad is doing well and that was so sweet of Megan to say she likes the old grandpa. I'm sure he got a kick out of that too. ;)

    We homeschooled our boys for 9 years going right through high school. One tip I can give you that may really help you down the road is to make a list of all the resources (books, museums, magazine articles, etc.) that you use each year and keep it in a binder along with keeping a file on your computer. Also, keep up on the grading and tracking of time spent on each subject. Do issue a "report card" at the end of the school year or even each semester. We found that colleges and even the Idaho Police Academy demanded detailed records of our sons academic life.

  10. Home is the best place to be! Summer is just flying by, so I'm trying to slow down and enjoy what's left. :)

    Are you enjoying planning your first homeschool year? It's so much fun to get to plan for my boys year. Lots to learn!

    I'm praying all goes well for Megan and for both you and Chuck!!

    Hugs, Amy


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