Monday, July 24, 2017

A Day in My Life #12

Monday, July 11

I awoke to a dark house and the sound of rain about 7:30.  It is one of those days when it's hard to climb out of bed. I finally pulled myself out at 7:45.  I had my quiet time and then looked at blogs. 
By now a wave of thunderstorms is rolling through. I regret not getting into the shower as soon as I got up. My mom calls and while we are chit chatting Megan comes out. There is a break in the storms so I hit the shower and send Megan to get dressed.  

It is now after 9 and Megan asked if she can make pancakes. 
She did well... yum! 
After breakfast I start laundry and Megan goes to tidy her room.
I spend some time in the kitchen putting together a lasagna for dinner. 
When I am finished I clean the kitchen.  I pop out to change the load of laundry and then return to mop the floor. 
After that it is break time for me. I head out to back porch and watch the rain fall. 
When I come back in Megan ask for permission to pull out some craft items. 
My silly girl showing off her pipe cleaner glasses. 
While Megan is busy creating I dust the living room. 
It is now well after 12 and it is time for some lunch.  Leftover chicken and cottage cheese is filling. 
The weather alerts are going off again saying a severe thunderstorm is coming. I turn on the TV to see the radar and fold laundry.  When I am finished Megan puts her things away and I put the rest away. 
As the storm rolls through Megan and I snuggle on the couch and play tap black. Fun! 
I end up watching a show at 2.  By the time it is over the weather has cleared and I sent Megan to take a shower.  While she is in there I update the checkbook, enter some things into our Everyday budget and text with Chuck. 
After her shower Megan watches a cartoon and I look at a magazine until it is time to start dinner. 

Chuck walks in the door at 5 and I pulled dinner out of the oven 10 minutes later.  
When dinner is cleaned up Chuck and Megan spend some time together while I sit outside and work on lesson plans. 
I come inside around 7.  We have family devotions, Megan has a snack and then goes to her room for some quiet time at 8. When she goes to her room Chuck turns on a movie. A cowboy movie with 
Tom Sellick should be good. 
We put Megan to bed at 9 and then continue our movie. Before 10 we are snug as a bug in bed.  

May your day be filled with joy in the journey!


  1. I love these posts. Your day sounded perfect. Love those wire eyeglasses! :))

  2. What a nice comfortable and productive day! I love these posts too...
    I loved the days and the routine when my girls were young...that was forty years ago, but the memories of those days are ones I will always treasure.

  3. I love these type of days. Fun days spent being together. God is so good. I also loved your rain picture. We haven't had much rain here. Everything is pretty dry.

  4. I always love reading your posts about your days. You are so efficient! We started using the Every Dollar budget program in May and I really like it. It helps us to see exactly where we are with no guessing!

  5. It sounds like a lovely day, especially with the rain. Please tell Megan that her glasses Rock! :)

  6. I absolutely loved this, Wendi!
    Love the cozy rain!

  7. Sounds like the perfect day and that lasagna looks delicious!!

    Enjoy your week!

    Hugs, Amy

  8. I think if I posted one of my days people would pass out. I want your life:)


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