Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Tuesday Tackle #7

Cleaning the oven has been on my list for far too long. The day had come to tackle that beast. No pictures before I ran the cleaning cycle. No way, no how, was I going to air that little bit of dirty laundry. *smile* This is the door after the cleaning cycle ran. 
I began my cleaning with the door. It has been bad for a long time. Even with regular cleaning it wasn't clean inside of the glass. After almost 16 years of constant use it needed more then the normal self clean and wipe down. It was really hard to get good pictures. Can you see the yuck on the door glass? This is after I had cleaned it. 
We looked at some sites about cleaning between the glass and Chuck thought we could handle it. The first thing to do was to take off the door. It wasn't hard. In fact this made cleaning the inside of the oven so much easier. I said I felt like Hansel and Gretel with my head stuck in the oven while cleaning! 
A couple of screws were removed and the front of the door came off. There are four pieces of glass: the front door, a piece that you can remove and then a double pane that is the inside of the door. 
After the glass was clean everything was re-assembled. 
Look how well the glass cleaned up. 
I am very happy with the results. 
Now that we know how easy this easy we won't wait 15+ years to tackle this if the need arises.

What projects have you tackled in the last week? Tune in next Tuesday to see what homemaking debt I tackle. 

May your day be filled with joy in the journey! 


  1. We have the same stove and cleaning the oven has been on my to-do list for WAY too long!I have seen the instructions on Pinterest for cleaning between the glass, but I am afraid to tackle that by myself. I'm afraid I couldn't get it back together properly. It looks so good, I'd love to get mine that clean!

  2. Yes, always feels good to tackle these tasks and I am always amazed at how easy it is. As soon as, I feel well again, I plan on doing lots of these types of projects.

  3. O girl my oldest daughter and I decided to take the oven door off and clean between the glass. One of the hinges pop and we like to never got that hinge fixed. After some googling we got it to work again. The oven door has never been the same it doesn't shut right. I am glad yours was easy and wasn't a nightmare like mine was.

    1. Yikes! I am relieved I didn't have any issues. I wouldn't have attempted this without Chuck. I know I would have messed it up!

    2. O how I wished I had waited for Dale to help me.... LOL!

  4. Wow, it turned out great! I need to do the same thing to my oven door, but I'm not brave enough. I usually dread having an appliance die, but I won't shed a tear when my oven goes.

  5. Oh wow, that is awesome! I've never attempted to take the glass door apart, but I'm glad to know that it can be done! It feels so good to get projects done that have been on the hit-list for too long, lol! Have a great day!

  6. Oh I SOOOOOOO need to deep clean my oven like this!!! The normal "Oops it spilled let me wipe it quick" isn't working so well. It always looks so easy when you see it online. LOL


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