Monday, February 13, 2017

Touches of Love

We've had the best weekend! Saturday we had lunch out with the family I previously babysit for and then went back to their house so the kids could play. It was wonderful catching up with them. Can you believe that I didn't take one picture of the kids? Yeah, me either. I haven't felt this relaxed in a long time. 

Sunday afternoon Megan finished up her class Valentine's. I made something simple since she didn't like the store bought versions. There is something about being in 5th grade that makes it an issue to give out cards that say something corny like "I choo choo chose you." 
I finally put out a few touches for Valentine's day last week. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. ;)
I used things that I already had. Not only did I not want to spend any additional money on decor, but I have to store any additional items. Storage is always an issue around here.  
For Megan I have been adding a heart to her door each day from the 1st until the 14th listing something I love about her. This has been a big hit. She rushed to see each new heart. To make this easier I wrote them all out before the month began. That way I wouldn't fail to follow through if when life got hectic. 

Just a few touches here and there to make my home feel festive. 

May your day be filled with joy in the journey!


  1. Everything looks lovely for Valentine's Day! I love the Mine and hearts pieces on the shelf below the Blessings plaque and photos.

  2. Your home just screams LOVE! You inviting! :)
    What a great idea to put a new heart with a saying on Megan's door. I'll have to do that for my boys next year! Anything I can do with hearts is a plus!
    Since my boys are homeschooled, we dont do those corny Valentines. But we will make ice cream sundaes after dinner and play a game.
    Have a great week and have a Happy Valentine's Day, Wendi!

    1. So inviting, not you inviting! ;)

  3. Hello, there!
    I have seen you around several blogs I visit, and decided to hop on over.
    So very glad I did!
    Always nice to meet new friends. : )
    Lovely post today...
    Will be visiting often!
    Have a cozy afternoon!

  4. So festive and pretty. I meant to do the heart on the door thing but time got away from me. My oldest daughter returns home from switzerland on Wednesday and I wanted to fill door ~ I still may! happy valentines!

  5. I love the door idea. I awesome. Everything looks great. I'm glad you had a refreshing weekend. Hugs.

  6. What a wonderful idea to do with the hearts on Megan's door. She will remember that always!


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