Sunday, December 18, 2016

Tis the Season

 There was a little bit of hustle and bustle around here. Thursday was spent caroling at a nursing home. It was quite eventful with a child passing out and another child not feeling well. Part of the issue was the fact that it was HOT! Besides that it is one of my favorite field trips. The joy that I see in faces of those at the nursing home is wonderful!
 Friday there was a half day of school scheduled. I ended up spending the entire time there. Breakfast was served to Megans' class. Another mom and I made pancakes (plain, chocolate chip and blueberry) to order.
 Then I joined the class for chapel.  Each class sang a carol, the Christmas story was shared and I really felt ready for Christmas by the time chapel ended.
 Then it was party time! Games were played and then it was time for the gift exchange. This is the second year that Megan has had Mrs. A and we love her! So, so sad that she is retiring at the end of the year.
 Saturday Megan and I spent the day at my parents along with my sister and nieces for our annual cookie day.
 It is always a good day. We bake, laugh, watch Christmas movies and ended the evening with pizza.
 The cookie trays are packaged and ready for Chuck to share at work Monday.
 There was ice Saturday night and I can't say I was upset when Chuck said we were staying home Sunday morning. I was ready for time at home and some rest. We had a lazy morning, puttered around doing a little bit of picking up and listened to Christmas music.
 After dinner games were played and we watched a baking show that was recorded.
Of course we had to enjoy a treat from cookie day while watching TV. After being away from home for several days and Chuck working Saturday this day is exactly what we needed.  We are feeling refreshed and ready to face the week!

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. So wonderful that you get to spend those precious moments with the kids at the nursing home singing, and then having the party with them at school. Mrs. A sounds like a wonderful teacher. And a day at home because of bad weather is always such a treat. Was that battleship they were playing? We played many many games of that during the winter growing up! Indeed, after such a lovely day at home, facing the week is so much easier. Have a wonderful week, and may the spirit of Christmas fill your home and your heart!

  2. how lovely to get engage with your daughter and have lots of fun and excitement .
    i enjoyed reading your profile writing it is great.
    glad that you love your adopted kid as much dear!
    wishing you a nice warm weather and lovely Christmas ahead

  3. Love this post, what precious memories you all are making. We had ice as well, but it was not enough to keep us home. The kids had their Sunday school plays, they all did a great job. We are home sweet home today, Oh how I love being home...


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