Monday, December 12, 2016

The Gift of Home

I gave my family a gift by marking the calendar full for this past weekend. We have been busy, as I am sure most of you have been, and I know that time at home helps to recharge us. Especially since the next two weekends are full. 
Friday Chuck picked Megan up at school and they finished their Christmas shopping and brought pizza home. Gingerbread houses were decorated and A Charlie Brown Christmas watched. 
Saturday I was up early. Before 5 am early. Yikes! I whipped up a coffee cake and then I started my first batch of caramel corn. 
I worked in the kitchen until after lunch and ended up with three batches of caramel corn and three batches of caramels. 
Most of this was sent with my parents as my dad had requested I make caramel corn to take into church Sunday morning. 
Doesn't everyone have a husband that grills out using a head lamp? lol
Sunday there were flurries off and on. 
In the afternoon Chuck brought his childhood Legos out from the attic. This is such a treat for Megan! While they built a crane I did some crafting. 
A comforting meal of beef pot pie was enjoyed. 
The weekend was filled with Christmas music, family, good food and time at home. Just the gift we all needed!

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!    


  1. I love this post....Your post are very inspiring. Have a wonderful week Wendi (hugs)

  2. I would love the recipes for both the caramel corn and the caramel. Caramel anything is a favorite in our house.

  3. How fun. Loves reading about your weekend.

  4. Ha ha. I can see my husband with a headlamp on grilling! Wonderful family time post. It has been busy and I must admit, I find it a bit overwhelming! Yet, we are doing our best to keep things simple.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! And wow...that's a lot if caramel corn and caramels! Yum!
    Head lamp BBQ'ing has happened a time or two here also! ;)
    I've been so busy this week and it's only Tuesday. We have my Hubby's work party and cookie baking with my mom and I still have some shopping left to do. Trying to enjoy in the mist of the busy!
    Enjoy your week, Wendi!
    Hugs, Amy

  6. Oh how I need a week-end like this! Your home looks so inviting. My entire fall has been so busy and I am onging for some down time.
    I love your posts, they are so refreshing to me!

  7. What a lovely weekend! Are those snowflakes made out of hinged clothes-pins?! How clever and cute!


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