Monday, September 19, 2016

A Day in My Life #4

Tuesday, September 13th 

 My alarm went off at 6am and another day began. I had gone to bed the night before with a headache and still had a slight one this morning. I wished it were Saturday so I could continue to sleep. I got up and moving since that is what adults must do. I saw Chuck off and then hit the shower.

 I woke Megan up at 7. She came in for breakfast and I was heating up her lunch. Once her lunch was together I went to finish getting ready. While she was putting her shoes on I threw sheets into the washer. We hit the road a little before 7:45. I noticed that is wasn't quite 60* when I got into the van. Such a refreshing morning.

 I was home at 8:05. The first thing I did was take care of the checking account.
I marked the items that had recently cleared and checked that my balance matched with the banks. I then looked at the menu to see what I needed to set out for dinner. 
The washer is done and I hang the sheets on the line. 
I feel like I am moving in slow motion this morning. It is 8:45 and I am just making myself something to eat. 
A bagel with peanut butter and a cup of hot tea. After I eat I have my quiet time. I just started reading through Matthew. I heard a good sermon recently that touched on living a Christ like life and he recommended reading the first four chapters of the New Testament. His point was that you can't live a Christ like life it you don't know how Jesus behaved while walking on earth. I was ready to start a new book so that is my current plan. 
I read blogs and relax. Thankfully my headache is now gone. It is 9:45 and it is time to get busy. 

I set up the end table I am making over. I wipe them down and then begin to prime them. 
I work on the tables until noon. 
I check the sheets and they are now dry. 
I go in to make the beds. I lay the sheets on our bed to sort them out. When I shake them to find a pillow case a moth flies out. I almost had heart failure! Once I take care of that I finish making the beds. 
It is 12:20 and lunch time. I eat the egg salad I had made the day before. I finish up at 12:40 and think about the chore of the day.

It is cleaning the kitchen. Honestly I am tired and really don't want to do it. 
Instead the do a quick tidy of the kitchen, living room and do a swish and wipe in the bathroom. I am trying to remember if the swish and wipe phrase is from Laine or The Fly Lady. I can't remember. The kitchen will be moved to tomorrow. Since there is 50% chance of thunderstorms I will more then likely be inside anyway. 
I decide to watch some TV and work on a blog post. At 1:50 I go into the kitchen to marinate the chicken for dinner. 
At 2 I freshen up and get ready to leave. I head out the pick up Megan at 2:20. 
I read, text with Chuck a little and listen to Dave Ramsey.

At 3:25 Megan and I arrive home. She gets a snack and begins her homework. 
While she is doing that I quickly clean out the frig.
The trash runs Wednesday so the day before is a good time to see if anything needs thrown out. Plus it needed it as the top shelf was a disaster!
Megan is finishing up homework by reading a chapter of their latest book.  I can think of a better way to read then hovering between two chairs!
After homework is done she ask if she can us the computer to work on a report. She is doing a report on the Gettysburg Address just for fun. 

While she is working on that I set the table, mix up some brownies and start the grill. 
Chuck walks in the door at 5 and I put dinner on the table.

After dinner Megan is on duty for taking care of the dishes and loading the dishwasher. 
Once the kitchen is tidy I head out to put the first coat of paint on the tables. 
Megan is throwing pop its. 
Chuck works on straightening out the garage. He takes some things to the shed. 
I finish the tables at 7. Megan is put in for a quick shower and Chuck surprises me by pulling the van into the garage. 
This makes me happy! :)

While Megan is finishing her shower I pack her lunch. 
It is now after 7:30. We have family devotions and then dessert. 
This makes everyone happy as I don't bake sweet treats often. 

It is now 8. Chuck and Megan are watching TV and I head out to read. 
I am not out long before the mosquitoes become annoying.

Megan is in bed at 9 and as I type this Chuck is nodding off.  It is now 9:20 and it looks like we'll be in bed close to 9:30.

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. I love these 'Days in the Life' posts!
    THanks for sharing.

  2. Another Wonderful Day in the Life post! Looks like we enjoy the same breakfast!

  3. I too, have had surprises after taking the laundry off the clothesline, anything from a wasp to a spider or two..

    I will shove a weekly chore to another day too, if there is something that has a higher priority, or, like doing something I would rather do..(smile)

    Love reading about your day, thanks for sharing.


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