Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Day in My Life #3

Monday, September 12th

My alarm went off at 6 this morning. I hit snooze until 6:30. I got up a few minutes after Chuck came in say good-bye. I hit the shower and then woke Megan up at 7. Once she was dressed she came out for breakfast. I threw an ice pack into her lunch box and headed off to finish getting ready.

I had separated laundry before I went to bed Sunday and had thrown a load into the washer. I hit the start button as we walked out about 7:40. It was a tough drive in as we were headed east and the sun was super bright.  I was back home at 8:05. 
I switched the laundry. I tossed the finished load onto the living room floor and headed into the kitchen. 
I started a dozen eggs boiling and then made breakfast.  I took my breakfast and Bible outside. 
A beautiful morning with the temperatures in the low 60's. 
By the time I came back in the eggs were ready. While they cool I get dinner started. My sister calls and we chat while I am making the sauce.  
Lasagna went into the garage refrigerator and the eggs were peeled. I put some away for Megan to snack on and used the rest to make lunch. It is now 9:30.
I quickly tidy the kitchen and then head off the make beds and tidy the bedrooms. 
I return to the laundry that I left on the living room floor and fold and put it away. I then go and switch another load of laundry. 
Chuck and I text for a few minutes.  I then turn on a sermon and start working on the chore for the day. 
Today it is cleaning the living room. It isn't bad so I have a goal  to have it complete before the 30 minute sermon is over. I dust, put a few things away and vacuum. I am done just about the same time as the sermon. 
It is 10:30 and I am ready for a break! I rest and read some blogs. 
I do this for about 10 minutes and then I hear the dryer buzz. 
After this load is folded and put away load three goes into the dryer and start the last load of the day. Now I am ready to start my fun project. I sand end tables that I will make over for my niece. 
I work on them until almost noon. I am finished and ready to clean then off for paint. I realize that I don't have any tack cloth so I make a run to the hardware store. I return home about 12:30 and am more then ready for lunch. 
I eat egg salad that I made this morning. I rest for a few and realize it is 1 o'clock. I only have an hour before I need to get ready to leave. I switch laundry and then start my ironing. 
I get done at 2:05. I hurry to freshen up and then quickly fold a load of jeans before I have to run out the door. 
Chuck and I text some, I listen to Dave Ramsey and read. These are my choices for today. 
We return home at 3:25. Megan has snack (I said say cheese and this is what I got!) and works on learning her Bible verse. While she is doing this I get the last of the laundry folded and put away. 
I give Megan a practice spelling test so we know what words we need work on. 
Then it is time to head outside and play. 
I need to head back in and unload the dishwasher and get dinner in the oven. Megan follows me in and is being silly. 
She attaches her stuffed animal to a stick with fishing line. She asked me to record her with her tablet so she can make a movie. 
Chuck walks in the door at 5. He changes his clothes and I get dinner on the table. 
When dinner is cleaned up it a little after 5:30. Megan is playing and we head out to cut grass. 
Chuck uses the push mower and weed eater. 
I am on the rider. 
We finish a little before 7. Megan gets a snack and we rest and watch TV until almost 8. Now it is time for family devotions. 

Light are out for Megan at 9. I am drinking a glass of water, taking a couple tylenol and then I am heading to bed. I do believe I will have a slower day tomorrow.

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. I enjoy these day in the life posts. They will be fun for you to look back on in years to come.
    I don't have good results with hard boiling eggs and peeling them. I lose half of each egg! Do you have any tips to share?

  2. What a nice productive day!
    Again, thanks for sharing it with all of us...
    Have a great week!

  3. Your house and yard are so pretty. :) I love the flowers on your porch. Did you enjoy your books? Would you recommend them?

  4. This was such a nice post. It's fun to see what you were up to today. Very busy. Megan the elephant trainer, how cute. Makes me miss my kids being that age. Have a beautiful week!

  5. You are one busy lady...but very productive. My days have been busy as well. Busier then I would like them to be. After this week I think it should slow down or I hope it does. Take Care Friend.

  6. A good day! Everyday is such a blessing and I am excited to see how the end tables turn out! Thank you for sharing your life. This blog always is positive and a part of my day! :)


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